Using Technology in your Restaurant

15th September 2015

Technology for Restaurant Business

The effective use of technology in restaurants is playing an even greater role ensuring that your customers enjoy a fantastic experience before, during and after eating out at your establishment(s). As such, it is vital that you take the time to investigate how technology can best be delivered to the benefit of your customers and ultimately your restaurant business.

There is a wide array of technology options and services for your to consider, such as:

Before a Visit


  • Your Website, to help potential customers find you, look at your menu, explore photos of your food, your interior and exterior, contact you directly and ultimately get directions to your restaurant.
  • Social Media, where you can announce new menu entries, special promotions and brand yourself better than you ever have before, without having to rely on traditional press to tell your story. You can introduce your restaurant team, be a part of your local community and even personally thank individual guests for choosing your restaurant, giving you a platform for exceptional branding opportunities and engaging with an audience that is spending a lot more attention on the restaurant industry.
  • Table Booking Services, where you can fill otherwise empty seats, get reviews and attract customers who would otherwise not have necessarily heard or thought about your restaurant before.
  • Coupon Services, where particularly first time customers can take advantage of discounts or special offers to entice them to try your restaurant.
  • Review Services, where you can respond to customer and restaurant critic reviews, managing your restaurant profile in order to attract new and retain existing customers over the long term. 


During a Visit


Front of House
  • Public WiFi, which helps you attract more customers, increase customer satisfaction and help you build a loyal following, making it easy for people to post reviews and generate buzz around your brand and your offering.
  • Digital displays, for promotional messaging, menu listings, time scheduled product information, customer entertainment, employee training and brand reinforcement.
  • Light and Sound, to create the correct ambiance through the use of effective lighting and music.
  • Bluetooth Beacons that use near field geolocation technology to connect diners with your establishment, perhaps by alerting the to special offers or popular menu items.
  • Point of Sale Systems to take orders quickly and efficiently, alert kitchen staff to new orders, take payments and update your loyalty program as appropriate.
  • On Table Technology, such as offering touch screens to allow guests to place orders, request service and re order food/drinks.


Back of House
  • Kitchen Display System, ensuring that the kitchen and bar are aware of all orders and can take action to fulfill those orders quickly and with a minimum of fuss.
  • Restaurant Software Applications to track your human resources effectively, plan your workforce requirements in advance and provide effective organisation wide training, for example. For you to succeed, you need to have a strong team of smart, happy, hard working professionals as part of your team. By having the right technology, training and applications in place, you will find it easier to attract and retain the best talent on offer, which will have a massive impact on your bottom line.
  • Purchasing/Ordering Systems, ensuring that you have the right technology in place to ensure that you have all the correct, fresh ingredients when needed to meet expected demand.

Your choice of technology mix often depends on the type of restaurant that you are. If you only offer a counter service, for example, your technology needs will be very different to those of limited service, full service and fine dining restaurants, although there will be some similarities across all service levels.

At the end of the day, it is important that you are using the technology in the right way to paint the right picture of your restaurant(s), ensuring that customers have an up to date idea of what to expect when they visit, making it easy for them to communicate with you using their preferred method (text, social, phone, email, website) and making their experience while at your establishment a superb one that they want to talk to their friends about.

How Wanstor can help

The technical team at Wanstor has a great deal of experience working with and helping restaurant operators at all service levels. We help with:


Restaurant IT Support and Network Monitoring 

Our goal is to consistently maintain a healthy IT infrastructure that you can rely on, allowing your restaurant business to excel. We do that by proactively supporting you, constantly monitoring every element of your network and reacting quickly 24/7 to tackle any issues that occur.


Restaurant Internet Access and Connectivity

With an increasing dependency on the Internet to deliver your services, you benefit from our fully managed, 24×7 monitored internet connectivity options that give you the flexibility, up-time, resilience and quality of service that you need to communicate with your customers, connect to the cloud, connect to your payment processor, offer public WiFi etc.


Restaurant Cloud Computing

With our fully managed cloud computing model, you get access to our highly available, highly secure high specification cloud infrastructure to run your restaurant business’s critical applications, back up your vital data etc using a private or hybrid cloud environment.


Restaurant Point of Sale (PoS) Support

We have a great deal of experience working with a variety of leading PoS vendors such as Oracle Micros, Quadranet and the like and together deliver a reliable platform and the support that you need to reduce your chance of downtime and ensure that your customers have an all important positive experience time and time again.


Restaurant IT Supply

We help you purchase the right hardware, software and licenses for your restaurant and manage your various supplier relationships on your behalf, ensuring that you get the most out of your IT investment.


Restaurant Opening Service

We have a great deal of experience helping our restaurant customers with their new restaurant openings, helping to ensure that their IT is delivered on time and within budget, ready for a successful and all important opening.


Restaurant WiFi

Wanstor has installed and manages restaurant WiFi in establishments located throughout the UK. The experience we have will help to ensure that you enjoy a solution that works and one that allows you as a business to benefit.



Our aim is to use the knowledge that we have built up over many years supporting a number of restaurant customers to become your trusted technology partner, providing you with the end-to-end technology solutions and support that you need to meet your customer’s demands and set yourself apart, allowing you to build your brand and grow your business.

A pdf version of this post can be downloaded here: Using Technology in your Restaurant


Phone us on 0333 123 0360 or contact us online to talk about your technology options further and create a technology platform that sets your restaurant apart from your competition.


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