Tube Strike: A time to adopt Remote Working

8th July 2015

London Tube Strike Remote Working

With another London Underground tube strike looming, we are once again reminded how important it is for businesses to have robust systems and plans in place to stay operational and avoid as much of the expected disruption as possible.

Many in London are looking at alternative methods to get into their offices, but there are only so many Boris Bikes to go around!

A more reliable and sustainable long term approach that ties in with new flexible working regulations is to adopt remote working as an effective strategy that helps keep your operations as normal as possible, ensuring that your team remain productive and ensuring that your customer service levels remain high.

Wanstor have proven and secure voice and data IT solutions that are designed to negate the impact of events such as tube strikes or adverse weather by providing a consistent experience to your team wherever they work.

Read more about our data center, cloud and voice services or call our solutions team on 0333 123 0360 or contact us online to talk about your options further.


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