The importance of business continuity demonstrated.

19th October 2016

Importance of Business Continuity Demonstrated

The importance of having a working business continuity plan was demonstrated to us yesterday. The day started like any other day in London. Public transport was running as well as can be expected (Only Southern Trains were on strike) and the weather was good. With a 24 hour operation, many of our team were at the office working on supporting our customers, with the rest of the team heading in to work as normal.

That all changed when the police requested that our team leave our office via an emergency exit as they had discovered a suspicious car had been abandoned outside our front door that they feared may contain explosives. In no time, the entire Borough High Street area had been locked down and everyone had been evacuated. It was an impressive operation and the emergency services did very well to handle an obviously tense situation calmly and with the minimum of fuss.

Suspicious Car Borough High Street Evacuated

Having evacuated and with more and more of our team arriving to find a cordon blocking our way and with no information as to how long the disruption would be, the decision was taken to enact our business continuity plan. Many of our team headed home to work from there, with phones diverted to engineers located throughout the country. With our systems located over multiple secure data centres and with access to those unhindered, our customers who contacted us for support were none the wiser that our head office was at the time inaccessible. As far as they knew, it was business as usual.

Thankfully the emergency services didn’t find anything untoward with the car, so they managed to remove the barriers and allowed people to carry on as normal really quickly.  We all headed back to the office and got on with what we do best.

The situation could have been so different though and we may have found our office had become inaccessible for a period of time. It would undoubtedly have been an inconvenience, but we would have been able to continue with our operations and would have managed. Thankfully we are in the business of ensuring the high availability of both systems and data, so were well prepared with a fully tested plan ready to call on.

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