Internet of Things and Security Risks

29th November 2016

Internet of Things IoT Security Risks

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to when everyday objects are connected to a network, allowing them to send and receive data. From a business standpoint, your devices are all set to become ‘smarter’ and, by definition, they should also become more useful to your business. They will do this by sending you key data to be analysed so that you can make improved business decisions. Before you start on your Internet of Things (IoT) journey, it is vital that you mitigate your security risks, just like you would for any other devices on your network.

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Gigabit WiFi and the 802.11ac Business WiFi Solution

1st December 2015

Gigabit Wifi 802-11ac Business Wifi

Modern work spaces no longer need to support only a single device. They are now expected to support multiple different devices that all rely on a reliable internet connection to function correctly. Your new work spaces have to provide connectivity to mobile phones, tablets and WiFi enabled Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices such as cameras, thermostats, sensors and the like.

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