Storage and Backup Peace of Mind

26th August 2016

Data Storage Backup Peace of Mind Business

The ongoing issue with your storage is that, as a modern organisation, you continue to generate more and more data in ever greater quantities. That data needs to be stored and be accessible “on demand”, as well as being securely backed up. By implementing a data storage and backup solution that allows you to smoothly scale your storage in an easily manageable and non-disruptive manner, you get the peace of mind that you need knowing that your data is safe.

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Avoid being held to ransom by ransomware like cryptolocker

28th September 2015

Avoid Data Loss Ransomware Cryptolocker

The increased use of ransomware such as cryptolocker has been in the news a lot recently, with people using Windows operating systems being targeted by a Trojan that encrypts a number of vital files on their machines. Once encrypted, a request is made for a ransom to be paid using bitcoins, with the very real threat of data loss being made if no ransom is forthcoming.

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12 Questions to ask when backing up your business data.

8th September 2015

12 Questions Business Data Backup Wanstor

As IT users, we have all lost some data at one point or another and have all spent time trying to recover that lost data, more often than not without success. It is always incredibly frustrating.

When you scale that up to the enterprise level, there are a number of events, such as equipment failure and malicious hacking, that could result in the loss of data across your organisation. That would be more than frustrating. It would be catastrophic.

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