Cisco Meraki MV Series CCTV

15th May 2017

Cisco Meraki MV Series CCTV Business

Security cameras have become a necessary way to keep your business safe and operating smoothly, but the technology behind your CCTV has not progressed much over the last decade. Cisco recognised this and has developed the Cisco Meraki MV Series to remove the administrative hassle that you face with your business CCTV, allowing you to view and administer video from anywhere, while not significantly impacting your normal network traffic. Like the rest of the Cisco Meraki lineup, the MV (Meraki Vision) Series have been designed to look good, be quick and easy to set up and work seamlessly with all other Meraki products through the incredibly intuitive Meraki dashboard.

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Intel Atom C2000 chips are failing.

16th February 2017

Intel Atom C2000 Chips Failing

Intel generally produces incredibly reliable products that are included in a multitude of devices. Although not confirmed by the various vendors in question, the most well know one being Cisco, it appears that the Intel Atom C2000 chip has begun failing due to a clock signal component issue. That leaves affected products inoperable and largely unfixable, resulting in product recalls or replacements becoming necessary.

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10 steps to protect your business against Cryptolocker.

22nd January 2016

10 steps protect against cryptolocker ransomware

In September, we explained what cryptolocker was and suggested ways to avoid being held to ransom. Since then, we have been approached by a number of organisations that have been affected by this breed of ransomware looking for help. Given the scale of the issue that the industry is facing, we thought it might help others if we shared the 10 steps that we take to help prevent cases of cryptolocker on the networks that we manage.

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