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26th August 2016

Data Storage Backup Peace of Mind Business

The ongoing issue with your storage is that, as a modern organisation, you continue to generate more and more data in ever greater quantities. That data needs to be stored and be accessible “on demand”, as well as being securely backed up. By implementing a data storage and backup solution that allows you to smoothly scale your storage in an easily manageable and non-disruptive manner, you get the peace of mind that you need knowing that your data is safe.

Sadly that is often the ‘ideal’ scenario. We have seen our fair share of occasions when an organisation reaches its’ data storage limits and has to scramble to find more space temporarily while looking for storage alternatives. With active networking monitoring on our part, it is easier to manage storage expectations and be more prepared, but if you have a solution that isn’t able to effortlessly scale to meet your new demands, your normal operations could be negatively impacted.

We understand that you have probably grown your storage by adding different elements over time on an ad hoc basis as you have needed to, largely because it is expensive and often business affecting if you remove your old storage solution and replace it with a new, revolutionary storage solution every time that you need to expand. Over time, the more you add, the more complex your solution becomes and the harder it comes to support and manage.

Ignoring the fact that you are going to run short of storage space at some point isn’t going to help. Ensuring that your organisation has the right type and availability of storage may seem to be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be.

It pays to audit your storage so that you know exactly what you have in place and understand your rate of data growth. With that knowledge, you can then make an informed decisions and start planning for your needs over the short, medium and long term. From that plan, you can seek storage designs and solutions to meet your needs over time, knowing what you need in terms of security, costs, resilience etc.

By choosing a solution that lets you grow organically, backed up by an experienced data storage team, you will find that you no longer have to adopt complex and expensive solutions to your storage needs.

Storage peace of mind is what you are after.

Wanstor have a large, experienced and fully accredited team of storage experts who can help you transform the way you store, access and use your data. Contact us on 0333 123 0360 or contact us online to discover more.

Discover more about our storage services and storage solutions. You can also read more about our Storage as a Service (STaaS) offering too.


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