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3rd November 2015

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Following the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft and the transformation of Microsoft Lync into Skype for Business, we have seen a real push in the number of our customers looking to use the technology to maximise their return in their existing Office investment, while at the same time transforming the way they communicate as a business.

Wanstor use Skype for Business in house as a very effective way of communicating, both between ourselves internally as well as with our external stakeholders. We have found Skype for business to be particularly useful for:

  • Connecting us all more effectively. We take advantage of presence to give us the status of our colleagues, before we either instant message or call them. Knowing someone’s availability at a glance at any given time is hugely beneficial and saves a lot of time that would otherwise be spent playing phone tennis. We have also federated our system with a number of customers, enabling them to see our status and connect with us as easily as if they were sitting next to us in the same office. That has allowed us to provide a unparalleled level of service at all times and has made us that much more transparent as an organisation.
  • Group instant messaging, where our teams can keep up to date with developments and share files between themselves easily, moving projects along even when an entire team isn’t available. Everyone is kept in the loop at all times, which always helps.
  • Video conferencing between our offices and with our geographically dispersed customers, irrespective of whether they have Skype for Business themselves or not. We have equipped our meeting rooms with all of the technology needed to collaborate easily and on an ad hoc basis if necessary, all with a minimum of fuss. Having a ‘face-to-face’, impromptu meeting is now common place.

If you feel that your business would also benefit from Skype for Business then please phone us on 0333 123 0360 or contact us online so that we can go through your options with you, ensuring that you get the best Skype for Business solution for your needs.


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