Resilient 4G Mobile Internet Access with static IP for Failover

10th December 2015

Resilient 4G Mobile Internet Access Failover Business

With the introduction and increased availability of 4G mobile coverage in the UK, businesses like yours now have a solid option when it comes to having a resilient failover solution in place for when your fixed line Internet Access and Connectivity fails, allowing you and your team to continue working.

With the increased use of cloud or geographically dispersed delivery of IT services, businesses like yours recognise that they need to have a resilient connectivity option. Often the strategy to handle resilience is to order a secondary line, be that ADSL, FTTC or Ethernet. Unfortunately more often than not, even if the line is ordered from a different provider, the underlying technology is the same and runs alongside your primary line. It relies on the same wiring, same routing and same exchange as the primary, so should the primary not be available for any reason, it is most likely that the same issue will affect your secondary connection too.

As 4G mobile doesn’t rely on physical cables, it makes for a particularly useful failover option as it is truly resilient, negating wiring, exchange issues and singular router failures.

Using multiple network operators, we add a pre-configured 4G router to your network with an integrated 4G SIM card. When your fixed line connection goes down, we reroute all of your traffic via the 4G, which keeps you and your team operational while repairs are made to your primary connection.

Resilient 4G Mobile Internet Access Testing Business

Resilient 4G Mobile Testing

This is an incredibly valuable option to add to your network in this day and age when we are so reliant on being connected to our critical business infrastructure and data to remain productive.

With 4G mobile, you enjoy multiple levels of resiliency and can feel confident that you can retain access to your core information and services at all times, providing you with true diverse resiliency and added peace of mind.

With 4G coverage increasing rapidly, now is the perfect time for you to install a resilient 4G backup service for your business. Call us on 0333 123 0360 or contact us online to find out more. 

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