Wanstor become an Oracle Silver Partner

8th April 2017

Oracle Silver Partner Accreditation Wanstor

We are very pleased to announce that Wanstor have become an Oracle Silver Partner, giving us an improved ability to take advantage of Oracle PartnerNetwork tools, advanced roadmap awareness, access to product experts, as well as enhanced access to Oracle support infrastructure. This will all allow us to better serve our customers with their Oracle needs.

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Lindt turn to Wanstor for their outsourced IT Services

21st March 2017

Lindt Outsourced IT Services

Lindt & Sprüngli have turned to Wanstor, a recognised provider of IT Services for retail, in order to provide them with a range of outsourced IT Services to help them manage their technology and provide them with a reliable platform as they look to grow their business within the UK. Those services include complete IT Support, 24×7 monitoring and helpdesk services, point of sale support, onsite IT Support, full asset management and lifecycle services, as well as assistance with their new shop openings.

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Adding Redundancy following Amazon Web Services (AWS) Outage

6th March 2017

Amazon Web Services AWS S3 Outage Redundancy

Amazon Web Services (AWS) had a major outage recently that knocked a number of popular web services offline for almost a day. It turns out that it was caused by ‘human error’, where an AWS engineer was carrying out some routine maintenance and made a typo in his code that impacted a large number of servers that were used for their S3 service (Simple Storage Service). The ability to recover was then delayed as the servers had not been fully restarted in a number of years, so took more time than expected to reboot and come back online.

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Intel Atom C2000 chips are failing.

16th February 2017

Intel Atom C2000 Chips Failing

Intel generally produces incredibly reliable products that are included in a multitude of devices. Although not confirmed by the various vendors in question, the most well know one being Cisco, it appears that the Intel Atom C2000 chip has begun failing due to a clock signal component issue. That leaves affected products inoperable and largely unfixable, resulting in product recalls or replacements becoming necessary.

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8 benefits of Cloud Computing for Restaurants

31st January 2017

8 Benefits Cloud Computing Restaurant Business

As a restaurant operator, you are no doubt always on the look out for ways to improve your processes and procedures in order to deliver sales growth, while also making efficiency and cost savings. After much hype, cloud computing is now a proven and mature way of delivering technology services to your restaurants, transforming the way your business operates and bringing benefits for all of your stakeholders.

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