My University Placement Year at Wanstor

5th August 2015

University Placement Year Wanstor

Every year, Wanstor is proud to employ a number of students looking to gain invaluable experience during their placement year. Over the years we have had a superb group of students work for us, most of whom return after they have completed their degrees to start their careers with us.

David Alele, a University of Kent BSc Business Information Technology student, reviews his placement year at Wanstor.

What made you choose Wanstor for your placement year?

My research on Wanstor showed me exactly what I was looking for in an organisation. With 100 staff, it seemed small enough to give me the exposure, responsibility and experience that I was after, while still being big enough to be doing some really exciting work.

That view was backed up by Wanstor’s presentation at University, where they talked about some of the work that they do for a host of big brands, such as Wagamama, Jamie Oliver’s, TACT Foster Care, the Liberal Democrats and the like. They seemed really credible.

By applying to Wanstor, I knew I would be treated as an individual and not just as an ID like big corporations, with the chance of working with some big name brands making it even more appealing.


Were you given the welcome, support, guidance and resources that you needed to succeed?

Wanstor was very welcoming and friendly. Given my degree choice, I decided to take on a ‘solution sales’ role and was put in a team of really great people who were always willing to help. I feel that we gelled really well and had a great year together.

I was given every opportunity to learn and was treated just like everyone else on the team, which was just the environment that I was looking for.

It has been a fantastic experience that I have really enjoyed, giving me the opportunity to boost my confidence as an individual, with the target orientated environment motivating me to excel in my role. My experience has now lead to me wanting to pursue a career in sales!


Did you have clear goals and know what was expected of you in your role?

Working within the sales team, there were definitely clear goals provided as I needed to meet my ‘agreed target’ every month. I initially started off with a low target and was given a lot of help and guidance from my manager and the rest of the team, going to meetings with them and helping them with their opportunities. As time progressed and I became more confident, my target was increased as I took on more and more on my own.


Did your role match your expectations and align with your personal goals and interests?

Another drive for applying to Wanstor was the great fit with my course. Many of my other options were either pure business roles or strictly IT orientated. Wanstor, however, was one of a few organisations that provided a role that encompassed both elements of my degree. I worked within the business solutions team and that meant that I had to work very closely with the technical team, which has improved my technical knowledge tremendously.


What have you learnt during your time with us?

I have learnt a lot during my time here at Wanstor, both technically and from a commercial point of view. I have been able to develop as a person and feel a lot more confident in my abilities. I have also highlighted a couple of skills that I would like to focus on and improve over the coming year.


What did you like most about your job?

I really enjoyed being involved in managing big name accounts such as Wagamama, TACT & Loungers. It was really interesting learning more about these companies and how they use IT to develop and support their operations.


What was your worst experience at Wanstor?

I went to the gym with the Operations Manager and was sick after our workout. I never heard the end of it! In my defense, I hadn’t had any breakfast!


Would you recommend Wanstor to a friend?

I have actually already recommended Wanstor to my friend Ufuk, who has just started his placement year in the support team. It’s a great place to work with friendly people and a fun environment.



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