IT Security: Having the right infrastructure, software and culture.

14th October 2015

IT Security Infrastructure Software Culture

As the world has become more interconnected and more reliant on those connections, so the importance of your IT Security and protecting those connections has grown. This is best demonstrated by all of the recent news stories about stolen funds, ransomware, bad publicity and the like, all of which has been well covered in the media.

What all of those stories highlight is that IT Security is more than just a technology issue, but is rather a business issue that needs to be managed correctly as part of a wider corporate plan, ensuring that you are well prepared and always vigilant. That preparedness involves having the right infrastructure, the most appropriate software and an overarching corporate culture in place to help protect your organisation and your valuable business data.

IT Security Infrastructure

Having the best IT Security Infrastructure that you can afford in place is vital, where you are protecting the network infrastructure itself, as well as critical network services. That covers the following areas:

Device Access

Routing Infrastructure

Device Resiliency and Survivability

Network Telemetry

Switching Infrastructure

By getting these infrastructure security elements right, you give yourself a foundation on which to build a solid IT Security framework.

IT Security Software

The next element that you need to have in place is the correct IT Security software.

Your IT Security software will form a barrier to fight off malware and viruses, as well as alert you to the fact when you have been breached, provide you with some context with regards to the intruder and let you know what data has been compromised. In addition, you need your IT Security software provider to work hard to contain and then fix issues when they happen as quickly as possible.

With attacks becoming more sophisticated and with the goal posts continually moving, it is becoming more common to look at measures to seamlessly encrypt the data that attackers want, therefore making it useless to them if they do manage to get past your defenses.

Corporate Culture

As the recent security breaches have highlighted, the weakest link is often down to having a corporate culture that doesn’t focus on security risks.

It is therefore imperative that you train and educate your team, making them aware of the dangers of poor security practices, highlight warning signs so that they can always be vigilant and provide them with clear instructions on what to do if they suspect that a breach has occurred. That way action can be taken quickly by your IT team and disruption can be minimised.

While also providing the right training to your team, it is also vital that you have champions throughout your business to help enforce your corporate policies.

By laying the foundations above, you have the elements that you need to prevent issues, detect them when a breach occurs, respond to issues and lastly attempt to recover following a breach.

Good IT Security management takes a lot of effort to get right, with no amount of protection giving you absolute security.

Given the complexity of modern networks and the pace of change required to keep abreast of new threats, it often makes sense for businesses such as yours to engage with an IT Service provider that has a team of knowledgeable, experienced and highly trained people on hand to:

  • Reduce the amount of time and resources needed to effectively manage your IT security in house.
  • Give you added peace of mind while helping to mitigate the risk of security threats by following industry best practice.
  • Help you maintain your compliance to industry and government regulations.
  • Help ensure your business continuity, while at the same time protecting your company assets and brand reputation.

Phone us on 0333 123 0360 or contact us online to talk about your IT Security concerns. We can then work closely with you to ensure that you have the right infrastructure, software and corporate culture needed to help mitigate the risk of a breach.  

Read more about our Managed IT Security Service.


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