Friday BBQs at Wanstor

17th July 2015

BBQ Friday Team Wanstor

The sun is shining (sort of) and it is Friday once again. That means only one thing: It is BBQ Day at Wanstor!

Every Friday one of the team steps away from their desk and for a few hours takes the reigns to become the ‘Wanstor Tong Master‘! It is a weekly ritual that is almost as important as the reward itself.

Tong Master BBQ London IT Services Wanstor

It is a serious business, feeding the hungry crowds who have been hard at work all morning building up their appetites. The anticipation is huge and mouths begin to water.

This week there are juicy burgers, sizzling sausages, tender salmon with original Jamaican jerk sauce, succulent kebabs and spicy vegetarian burgers on offer. The meal is made complete with a crisp salad, chopped tomatoes, cooked chips, cheese and an array of everyone’s favourite condiments.

BBQ Business London Wanstor

By 12:30pm people have begun to gather. Stories are exchanged and laughter is enjoyed, but one eye is always kept on the mighty ‘Tong Master’.

Not long after, he turns and makes the call. The masses move in and before you know it, plates are piled high and space at the tables is at a premium.

Business BBQ London IT Services Wanstor

It is a great time for the diverse groups that make up Wanstor to get together, swap stories and get to know each other better. That is especially true when our large team of onsite support engineers get the chance to pop in to the office for the day, have a bite to eat and catch up with the people they interact with on a daily basis, but who rarely get to meet face-to-face.

Until next Friday!


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