Measuring the cost of downtime to your business.

14th April 2016

Measuring the Cost of Downtime to your business

All businesses will experience some form of downtime and some point, irrespective of your business size, industry or IT budget. It is vital that you measure the potential cost of that downtime and, as technology is increasingly crucial to the success of your organisation, it is vital that you work out where your greatest risks lie so that you can formulate strategies to cost effectively mitigate the risk of such downtime.

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10 steps to protect your business against Cryptolocker.

22nd January 2016

10 steps protect against cryptolocker ransomware

In September, we explained what cryptolocker was and suggested ways to avoid being held to ransom. Since then, we have been approached by a number of organisations that have been affected by this breed of ransomware looking for help. Given the scale of the issue that the industry is facing, we thought it might help others if we shared the 10 steps that we take to help prevent cases of cryptolocker on the networks that we manage.

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12 Questions to ask when backing up your business data.

8th September 2015

12 Questions Business Data Backup Wanstor

As IT users, we have all lost some data at one point or another and have all spent time trying to recover that lost data, more often than not without success. It is always incredibly frustrating.

When you scale that up to the enterprise level, there are a number of events, such as equipment failure and malicious hacking, that could result in the loss of data across your organisation. That would be more than frustrating. It would be catastrophic.

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