Are your servers feeling the heat?

1st July 2015

Server Temperatures Network Monitoring

We have all been celebrating the good weather and the longer evenings in the UK, but the heat also brings along its own challenges when it comes to your IT.

Our 24×7 network monitoring team in our Network Operations Centre are constantly scanning all of the networks under our control to identify anything that is out of the ordinary. They noticed that one particular server was running a lot hotter than it should have been, with temperatures peaking at 32 degrees yesterday as┬átemperatures outside soared, as shown below:

Server Temperature Heat Graph

Further investigation revealed that the air conditioning unit for that particular server room wasn’t running optimally and that it needed a service. An engineer quickly responded and following their good work,┬áthe temperature dropped and has stayed within the optimal range ever since.

If you have not had your air conditioning units serviced this year then we suggest that you do. We also suggest you talk to us about 24×7 network monitoring so that we can identify these irregularities before they become business affecting issues.

Alternately, you can look at our cloud computing or data centre colocation options, where we make sure everything is cool when the weather is hot.

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