8 reasons to audit your data storage.

19th April 2016

8 Reasons to audit your business data storage

Discover 8 reasons why you should carry out a data storage audit for your business and find out the best times to carry out a data storage audit.

8 Reasons to Audit your Data Storage

  1. You can get a complete picture of the types of data that your business has. By understanding your data storage setup, you can determine what types of data you have, you uncover where your data is stored and you can determine how much that you can potentially save through consolidation.
  2. You discover how you currently store your data. Your data audit will describe the software and infrastructure that you use, list the applications that are being managed and backed up and will outline your data restoration policies and procedures. With this information, you will be able to discover where your data risks lie.
  3. You can identify where your risks lie. There are a number of data storage risks that will be identified, including location risks, access risks, compliance risks etc. Your data audit will help you identify and evaluate where your greatest data storage risks lie, which will in turn allow you to review any shortfalls and make plans for your ongoing and future data storage needs. You will also discover if you have any data storage bottle necks or single points of failure, both of which are incredibly risky to your business operations.
  4. You get expert advice. Our experienced data storage team will provide you with independent and objective advice based on their industry experience, knowledge and deep understanding of compliance requirements. Expert data storage advice at this stage has the potential to save you huge amounts in the future.
  5. You improve your data performance and reliability. Based on the results of the audit and our data storage expert advice, you will have all of the information that you will need to make decisions that positively impact your data performance and data reliability, while also giving you the information that you need to formulate an organisational data management policy for your business.
  6. You keep pace with the latest data storage technology. Your audit will be performed by experienced data storage engineers and will be set against current industry best practice, evolving regulations and your industry compliance requirements. They will take a comprehensive look at your hardware, software and procedures to ensure that you are keeping up with the latest data storage technology developments.
  7. You develop or fine tune your backup and disaster recovery solutions. By knowing the types of data your hold and knowing where it is stored, you can determine the importance of different types of data and can then ensure that you have appropriate and fully tested backup and disaster recovery solutions in place for when the worst happens. You get peace of mind knowing that your plans are both reliable and suitable for your specific business needs.
  8. Direction, advice and solutions are provided for your consideration. An integral part of your data audit is the recommendation section, where our data storage experts will describe their recommendations based on your needs and business objectives, outline the direction that they believe that you should be taking and give you more information on the data storage solutions available to meet your data storage needs, both now and in the future.

Good times to carry out an audit include when you:

  • Are running out of space for more business data.
  • Want to understand the kind and importance of the data your organisation is generating.
  • Are planning a big data storage project, such as a data storage upgrade or migration.
  • Are considering storing your data in a data centre and/or using cloud backups.
  • Are merging with another organisation.
  • Need to prove compliance with industry or government regulations.
  • Need to put backup and disaster recovery/business continuity plans in place.

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Read more about our Data Storage Services and our Data Storage Audit Service in particular.


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