5 Reasons to adopt Cloud Disaster Recovery.

11th November 2015

5 Reasons to Adopt Cloud Disaster Recovery

With technology playing such a critical role in the running of your business, it is essential that you have a disaster recovery plan in place to ensure that you can continue to function in the event of a disruption, be that from a server crash, human error, malware or a natural disaster.

Your challenge is to ensure that your data is always secure and backed up correctly so that when your business operations are interrupted, you can get back up and running quickly and minimise any negative impact on your business.

Here are 5 reasons to adopt a Cloud Disaster Recovery plan:

  1. Cloud Disaster Recovery is easy to set up.

    Traditionally, the process of developing, implementing and testing a disaster recovery plan was costly, resource intensive and time-consuming. With the introduction of cloud based backups, your disaster recovery solution doesn’t require you to build a new physical site, with the accompanying costs of hardware, software, connectivity and the like.

    Instead, your production systems and data are continuously, automatically and securely replicated into our private cloud infrastructure, with only minor adjustments needed to your existing environment before you are protected and ready to be recovered in the case of a local disaster or disruptive event.

  2. Cloud Disaster Recovery is incredibly flexible.

    By adopting a Cloud Disaster Recovery plan, you enjoy the ability to vary the capacity that you need to support common disaster recovery use cases, such as replication, failover and failback.

    You can enjoy anything from ‘pilot light’ environments that are ready to scale up at a moment’s notice to ‘hot standby’ environments that enable rapid failover at a moment’s notice. You also enjoy built in geographic redundance.

    You have the scalability that you need to accommodate your shifting requirements, only paying only for what you use and need.

  3. Cloud Disaster Recovery provides a simplified, compliant environment.

    We can create, implement and test a simplified disaster recovery environment for you, leveraging the skills, knowledge and experience that we have built up over many years to ensure that you benefit from a reliable, secure and fully supported solution that is both simple and compliant with industry regulations.

  4. Cloud Disaster Recovery is secure.

    Our secure UK Cloud Infrastructure is all located within the UK and benefits from complete enterprise-grade security systems. That security includes full CCTV coverage, a 24/7 security presence and buildings that have full electronic access control systems, based on proximity cards, PIN keypads and biometric palm-scanners.

    From an environmental perspective, there are multiple redundant power supplies, backup generators, resilient cooling systems, temperature and humidity controls, high sensitivity smoke detection systems and alarms, as well as gas fire suppression and extraction systems.

    This is all backed up by our ISO 27001 certification that gives you peace of mind knowing that your data is in safe hands.

  5. Cloud Disaster Recovery is very cost effective.

    By embracing a Cloud Disaster Recovery plan, you avoid the costs associated with building a secondary disaster recovery site that would then need to be managed and operated by your core IT team, taking time and resources away from your other technology options.

    You may even choose to replace or enhance your traditional disaster recovery solution with a cloud-based disaster recovery plan without capital investment and with elastic scaling, as describe above.

    Additionally, you can now easily deliver disaster recovery solutions for your remote offices without capital expenditure and with low operational costs, with no requirement for additional recruiting or training.

In terms of mitigating against risk, the cloud greatly extends your disaster recovery options, is easy to set up, is incredibly flexible, is simple and yields significant cost savings.

Talk to our disaster recovery team to discuss your disaster recovery plan in greater detail, ensuring that your business can continue to function in the event of a disruption. Call us on 0333 123 0360 or contact us online

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