12 Questions to ask when backing up your business data.

8th September 2015

12 Questions Business Data Backup Wanstor

As IT users, we have all lost some data at one point or another and have all spent time trying to recover that lost data, more often than not without success. It is always incredibly frustrating.

When you scale that up to the enterprise level, there are a number of events, such as equipment failure and malicious hacking, that could result in the loss of data across your organisation. That would be more than frustrating. It would be catastrophic.

With the amount of data being created growing exponentially and the number of devices that it can be stored on becoming more diverse, it is vital that you have a tested and proven backup plan in place for all of your business data, as well as a plan to recover your data in a timely manner should the worst happen.

Finding answers to the following 12 questions is a good start if you don’t currently have a backup plan for your data. Alternately, your answers to these questions could help you determine how well your organisation is currently protected and help you decide if you need to do more, even if you have an existing backup and recovery plan in place.

12 Data Backup Questions to ask to ensure that your business data is backed up correctly:

  1. How much data do you have to backup?
  2. What kind of data do you have?
  3. How and where is your data currently stored?
  4. Are there any regulatory obligations associated with how your data is stored and processed?
  5. How often do you need to backup your data?
  6. What is the best media to store your backups on?
  7. Do you have a separate, secure location to back up your data to?
  8. Do you need to archive your data backups so that you can roll back to a specific date if necessary?
  9. How long do you need to keep your data backups for?
  10. Who will be responsible for your ensuring that your data is backed up?
  11. Do you have checks and balances in place to ensure that your data is being backed up correctly?
  12. How quickly would you need your data restored should you need to?

The survival of your business may one day depend on the quality of your data backups and the backup and restoration plans that you put in place for your organisation now. Wanstor would be happy to help ensure that your business data is backed up effectively.

Find out more about our cloud online backup service, as well our disaster recovery service.

Phone us on 0333 123 0360 or contact us online to talk about your data backup options further and discover how we can help ensure that you are never caught out by a data loss going forward.


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